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Our Famous Fragrance is everyone's Favorite

Pussy Oil Organic Fragrance

Bikini Haus

Pussy Oil Organic Fragrance

$75 CAD

If you know, you know! And if you don’t, get ready to be introduced to everyone’s favorite fragrance.

A one of a kind heavenly scent made with sweet nots of strawberry and jasmine, base notes of black locust flower, this all natural fragrance is made up of head, heart and base notes and alcohol-free. 

What does it smell like? Some say, it's a throwback to Jovan Musk in the 80's and others say it smells like expensive baby powder. It's soft and powdery but so sensual at the same time. 
Everywhere you go you will leave this scent in their mist and they will most likely ask you what you're wearing ; )

Rollerball application. Apply directly to skin or pop off the cap and add to your bath, moisturizer or hair mask.